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Living in Chichester – 7 Reasons You Should Move There

Last Updated: 8h January 2023

Are you considering living in Chichester?

If you are hoping to make the move this is the article for you.

The important cathedral city is full of character, history and excellent amenities.

Living in Chichester certainly provides residents with a plethora of fantastic benefits.

In this article, we hope to provide you with as much information about what to expect when living in Chichester as possible.

Making the decision to relocate to a new area is never an easy one!

There are various things you must take into account when relocating, alongside the pressures of the actual moving process.

We understand that the whole relocating process may appear very daunting.

In this article, we will help you to gain a great understanding of what living in Chichester is like.

Having a complete understanding of what living in the area is like will certainly help with your decision to move.

This is our ultimate guide to living in Chichester!

House Prices

Cottage in Chichester
Charming Cottage in Chichester. Image credit: Unsplash

Living in Chichester is a particularly desirable prospect.

Chichester is such a popular location due to its amazing variety of amenities and its array of different property types.

It should come as no surprise that living in Chichester is not cheap.

This does not mean you cannot find some great value properties when living in Chichester.

Chichester’s city centre provides a great mix of different property types.

Ranging from flats sitting at £252,348 to larger detached homes sitting at around £786,258.

The average value is £428,534, falling from £478,970 at the start of the year.

The most popular spots in Chichester are the properties located within the city walls.

These include the Grade II listed Georgian townhouses which sport original elements including open fireplaces.

One of the more premium locations in Chichester is Spinney Lane.

Properties located here have sold for in excess of £3,000,000 during the last two years!

Whilst this is certainly a high price tag, there are still several locations in and around Chichester which are far more reasonably priced.

To the north of the city is the Parklands suburb.

At this popular location, you can find a reasonably-priced Georgian terrace property.

For those who desire a sea view, be sure to browse some of the surrounding villages.

Notable mentions include West Wittering, Bosham and Funtington.

Cost of Living in Chichester in 2023

Cost of living in Chichester. Image credit: Pexels

Living in Chichester in 2023 will ensure locals have a fantastic range of options when it comes to shopping, eating and everyday expenses.

Like most villages, towns and cities in the UK, Chichester provides residents with a variety of restaurants and supermarkets.

When you move to a new area, it is suggested that you get a good sense of the prices you will be paying for food, both when eating out and cooking at home.

With a variety of options, prices may vary in different locations.

As a general summary, here are the prices you can expect to pay for food when living in the Chichester area in 2023:

  • Meal at an inexpensive restaurant-£ 17.50
  • Meal for 2 mid-range restaurants £50.00
  • Cappuccino or latte-£2.90
  • 1 litre of milk-£1.15
  • Loaf of bread-£0.94
  • 1kg chicken-£7.00

Schools in Chichester

Living in Chichester is an excellent prospect for families.

There is a great choice of primary and secondary schools all located within the Chichester catchment area.

There are some excellent primary schools to choose from in the area.

Jessie Younghusband Primary, Lancastrian Infants and Orchard Gardens Primary School all received a ‘good’ rating at their latest inspection.

When it comes to secondary schools there are also great options.

Bishop Luffa School was also awarded an Ofsted rating of ‘outstanding’ at their last inspection.

St Anthony’s School, a special school in the area for students aged 4-16, received an ‘Outstanding’ review from Ofsted.

Chichester also has three prep schools.

Oakwood Preparatory School, The Prebendal School and Westbourne House all have top reputations amongst those living in Chichester.

Chichester College provides both foundation-level and degree-equivalent courses to students.

These courses are primarily focused on professional qualifications for use in different industries.

The college has also recently made substantial investments to upgrade its facilities and has begun to offer a more diverse range of subjects in its offerings.

Living in Chichester also means you have access to Chichester University.

Established in 2005, the university has two campuses, one in the city and the other in Bognor Regis.

Clearly, living in Chichester ensures residents have access to excellent education provisions.

Employment in Chichester

Employment in Chichester
Employment in Chichester. Image credit: Pixabay

If you are thinking of living in Chichester, there are a multitude of different employment options for you.

Chichester’s history and location ensure that the city has a very strong economy that is centred around the tourist industry.

Several popular tourist locations in Chichester include the Cathedral, marina and National Park, ensuring plenty of job openings.

In 2016 there were a total of 59,000 employee jobs in Chichester.

As of December 2023, there are over 10,205  job listings for the Chichester area on

This indicated a huge potential for those thinking of both a change of career and location!

This made Chichester the 2nd largest employing area in West Sussex, accounting for 16% of the total for the region.

A recent Government survey indicated that there are a large number of small businesses opening in the city.

This growth in small businesses is thereon increasing employment opportunities, boosting the local economy.

Neighbouring Bognor Regis also offers several employment options for those happy to commute to the area.

Companies located in Bognor Regis include Next, Marks & Spencer and Rolls-Royce.

Chichester’s biggest-ever housing development has been approved which will help to generate new jobs in the construction sector.

The project will likely take several years to complete promising employment for a prolonged period.

There are certainly lots of employment opportunities for those thinking of living in Chichester.

Transport in Chichester

Chichester Station
Chichester Station. Image credit: Wikipedia

Living in Chichester means access to great transport links across the local area as well as the rest of the UK.

Chichester’s central location in the heart of West Sussex offers the ideal location for residents who need to make the commute to London.

Direct trains to London Victoria, via Gatwick, run frequently.

The journey takes around 70 minutes, ensuring you are never too far away from the office, family, or a fun day out in the capital.

All of this is possible while still having the luxury of a more rural lifestyle.

Chichester is also very well connected to several other popular cities, notably Portsmouth and Brighton.

Both busy cities can be easily reached within an hour!

Portsmouth is the perfect hub offering international travel and much more, whilst Brighton is one of the liveliest coastal cities in the UK!

Have such excellent transport links makes living in Chichester a truly great prospect.

Best Things to Do in Chichester

Those thinking of living in Chichester will be treated to a host of excellent activities to indulge in the whole year-round.

Chichester is a lively, bustling city which is ideal for the socialite.

There are some excellent pubs, restaurants and cafés to discover throughout the city.

The Buttery at the Crypt is a café housed in a 12th-century structure!

This historic building is positioned only a few doors along from the famous Chichester ‘Clock Tower’ in the centre of the city and is the perfect location for a tasty lunch.

There is also a great choice of long-distance routes for walkers, cyclists and riders living in Chichester.

Some of these routes, like the Centurion Way to West Dean, begin in the heart of the city.

Centurion Way opened in the mid-1990s and follows a path along the old railway line.

This is certainly a route worth checking out when living in Chichester.

The Chichester marina is a very well known attraction, attracting visitors from across the world every year.

In recent years, the marina has been awarded Five Gold Anchors!

This is the Yacht Harbour Association’s most desirable award, highlighting the excellence of the location.

It is no surprise that the marina is a popular spot for water sports lovers.

Lovers of theatre are also in for a treat when living in Chichester.

Chichester Festival Theatre is one of the UK’s leading theatres.

The theatre hosts both touring productions as well as productions of its own.

Directors, actors, and writers and from the West End and Broadway perform here every year!

Living in Chichester certainly ensures that there is always something to do, no matter the time of year.

Top Restaurants in Chichester

You will be happy to hear that there is plenty of eating and drinking options available when living in Chichester.

There truly is a restaurant for every occasion.

Love a spot of brunch or would you prefer a more premium dining experience?

Chichester caters to all.

There is also a great selection of pre-theatre, family-friendly restaurants ideal for a quick meal before heading to the Chichester Festival Theatre.

The city provides a great combination of both local favourites and international cuisine, sure to please regardless of your budget.

Living in Chichester ensures locals have access to an excellent range of dining options to suit every occasion!

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