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    Your moving partner to France, offering reliable and quality house removal and storage services.

    France Removals Service

    Looking for a removals company to move you to France? Curtiss Moving & Storage has been providing residential and commercial moving services for over 140 years. As members of the BAR (The British Association of Removers) all our employees are professionally trained, using the best packing materials and handling equipment currently available. 

    We run a range of specialist vehicles, allowing us to take on any size move. Our freehold storage facility is top class and we provide excellent value wherever you are moving to in France or any other European destination. Simply get in touch with us to arrange a home visit or video survey to price your move. Call us on 023 9298 5830 to book your appointment or alternatively, complete the online contact form, send it to us and we will be in touch shortly!

    Our removals and Storage Services


    We have been providing domestic house removals & Storage solutions from Portsmouth since 1871. Call us on 023 9298 5830 for a free moving quote today.


    With over 140 years of moving experience, we have the expertise to move your business quickly and safely. Call us on 023 9298 5830 for a free moving quote.


    We offer secure containerised storage for household and business requirements. Our storage units are ideal for either short or long term storage.


    Book a free home visit survey to find out your removal cost. Call us on 023 9298 5830 and one of our surveyors will be in touch to arrange a time for your free survey.


    We offer professional packaging solutions and a range of purpose-made packing materials ideal for securely packing your house move. Call 023 9298 5830.


    Do you need insurance to cover your valuables and belongings during your move? Call our friendly team on 023 9298 5830 to discuss all of your requirements.

    Why Choose Curtiss Moving & Storage for Removals to France?

    We're Your Moving to France Expert

    We are a moving company who have over a considerable time span, built a reputation for quality removals.

    Our intimate knowledge of both the UK and Europe enables us to deliver a first-class removals service tailored to your specific requirements at an affordable price. 

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    Moving to France? Call 023 9298 5830 For a Free No Obligation Removal quote!

    Why Choose Curtiss Moving & Storage?

    Get a Quote for your move to France

    In order to determine the amount of effects being carried to France, a fully licenced and professional surveyor can arrange to visit your home or do a virtual survey online.

    The amount of space your belongings will occupy in our vehicles will determine the final shipping price.

    All home inspections and quotes are provided without charge or commitment.

    The surveyor would be delighted to address any queries you may have and, if necessary, provide guidance on your move.

    We always strive to calculate the cost of your move to France as quickly as possible and can expect to receive your quote within 48 hours of the survey being conducted.

    Direct Service and Part Loads

    At Curtiss Moving & Storage we always aim to provide our customers with the exact service they need.

    We typically offer two services for customers needing removals to France.

    This includes either Direct consignments that take your belongings straight from point A to B. Alternatively, part loads are delivered shortly after your arrival.

    Direct services provide the benefit of delivering your goods all in one go and are typically faster than part-loads. This service is the more expensive of the two options but is ideal for those who have an exact moving date and a slightly bigger move.

    However, for those who might be staggering your move to France or renting somewhere before you decide to move in somewhere permanently, part-loads could be ideal.

    By using this service you can lower moving costs by sharing a container with another mover’s belongings.

    Many of our customers combine this service with our storage services while they decide what they want to do with their personal effects.

    Transit Times

    Transit times when moving to France will vary depending on whether you have chosen a direct consignment or a part load.

    Other factors including the route involved, the location in the country and the time of year will also influence the overall time. 

    Typically, transit times are anywhere between 5-10 days, but we will keep you well informed throughout your whole move. 

    Your dedicated move manager will be able to answer all of you questions regarding transit times as well as any changes to this timeframe. 

    Export Packing

    To guarantee that your furniture, belongings, and personal effects arrive in France in the same condition as when they left the UK, we offer a professional packing service.

    The goods being transported will be export packaged and wrapped in special, breathable bubble wrap by our expert team before being securely loaded for the move.

    Special wooden crates can be made to order to fit bulky or delicate high-value items, minimising any potential harm to even your most priceless treasures during transit.

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    Despite our best efforts, items can get damaged, move in transit, or go missing from time to time, which are outside of our control.

    Our staff always try to minimise such problems during the moving process. That’s why we offer limited liability insurance as set out in our terms and conditions for BAR members.

    If you provide us with an insurance declaration of the value of your goods, the amount of our liability to you in the event of loss or damage to those goods will be a maximum of £50,000. We can accept insurance liability for a higher amount, in which case we may make an additional charge.

    Ready to Move to France?

    Moving may be a very stressful process overall, especially when moving abroad.

    Curtiss Moving & Storage has a long history of shipping goods to France and can ensure that everything goes according to plan when the time comes.

    Despite this, preparation is essential. The summer months of June to August are the busiest for the majority of moving businesses. In an effort to minimise the impact on their children’s schooling, many families are relocating at this time.

    So, it’s crucial to prepare in advance when looking to hire a moving company for your removals to France. 

    Documents You Will Need:

    • Copy of passports,
    • Proof of addresses. You will also have to prove where you have lived for the last 12 months Spanish customs requires certificate of residence for the UK.
    • NIE number
    • Your personal effects have to be fully listed and individually valued

    Why move to France?

    Reasons to live In France

    Moving to France from the UK offers a multitude of
    compelling reasons to call this stunning country home.

    France appeals to expats seeking a fresh start with its cosmopolitan cities, picturesque villages, and spectacular landscapes. Whether you are seeking the vibrant energy of bustling Parisian streets or the serenity of the French Riviera, this country offers an array of experiences sure to appeal.

    France boasts a high standard of living, providing its
    residents with exceptional healthcare, education, and infrastructure. The country’s renowned education system offers access to world-class universities and schools, ensuring a bright future for your children. Furthermore, the healthcare system is renowned for its quality, offering comprehensive coverage and excellent medical facilities.

    France’s central location within Europe enables easy travel
    to neighbouring countries, making it an ideal base for exploring the rest of the continent. Whether you are drawn to the snowy peaks of the Alps or the sunny beaches along the Mediterranean coast, France’s geographical diversity is sure
    to appeal to all interests. The country’s location also ensure that expats can easily visit the UK. Moving abroad can be a big culture change, so having the flexibility to visit friends and family in the UK is invaluable. 

    France is brimming with culture, historic cities, and charming towns, meaning there are endless places to explore in your free time. Moving here also allows you to sample some famous French cuisine and beverages. The country is renowned for its bread, wine, champagne and cheese, with plenty of other delicacies also available for your enjoyment.

    Popular Places to Live In France

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