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Living in Gosport – 5 Great Reasons to Move Here

Are you thinking of living in Gosport?

Relocating to a new area whether it be a village, town or city is never a straightforward task!

It is often made more challenging when you do not know much about the area you are thinking of moving to.

If you have decided to start living in Gosport, then you are in the right place!

As with relocating to any area, there are numerous things to consider when thinking of living in Gosport.

We are aware that the moving process can sometimes seem very overwhelming!

If you are considering living in Gosport, we are here to help.

In this article, we hope to give you a better understanding of what living in Gosport is like.

Establishing a greater understanding of what you can expect when living in Gosport is certainly going to help with your decision to make the move.

Here are some great reasons to consider living in Gosport!

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Housing in Gosport

Gosport has a multitude of housing options offering a blend of old and new but, as it sits within an area offering 24 miles of coastline its waterside properties are in high demand.

Priddy’s Hard and the Royal Clarence Yard are both particularly desirable locations that offer modern contemporary properties and Lee-on-Solent has the bonus of providing homes that overlook or sit close to the sea.

Across the board Gosport’s homes are affordable and sell for an average of £341,139 however, there are other pockets that buck this trend.

Alverstoke village dates back several hundred years. Homes here tend not to change hands very often, additionally, it is one of the most expensive areas too.

Zoopla is advertising a handful of homes for sale in Alverstoke such as a 2-bed cottage, built circa 1849 on the market for offers over £300,000, but there are several other homes in this location for sale which almost react the £1,000,000 mark.

Gosport also has some great bargains. You can purchase a three-bedroom terraced home for £240,000 and a four-bedroom home can cost as little as £260,000 in some areas.

There is no doubt that no matter how deep (or not) your pockets are, you will find exactly what you are looking for in a home within Gosport’s boundaries.

Cost of living in Gosport

All we seem to hear lately is bad news when it comes to our expenditure. The cost of fuel, groceries, utilities and many other necessities are all more expensive than ever and set to rise considerably this year.

Where you reside will most certainly have an impact on your monthly outgoings and most obviously, living in a city such as London is going to be much more expensive.

Sadly, it seems, these days it doesn’t matter much where you live prices still continue to march doggedly upwards.

Comparatively speaking, Gosport has a fairly reasonable cost of living.

Whilst living in Gosport doesn’t impact at all on the price of some things such as heating, water, petrol/diesel, or the cost of keeping a roof over our heads, there are other areas where we can cut back and sometimes quite significantly.

Having a long hard look at your incoming and outgoing money is something many of us don’t do, or more to the point might be a little afraid to do.

Wasting our hard-earned wages doesn’t make sense at all. Just a few tweaks here and there and presto, “left-over” cash you have created can go toward paying off debt, home improvements or for a much-needed romantic night out.

Here are just a few simple ideas that may take a little time to set up and execute, but will help in the long run:

  • Compare energy providers – there are loads of price comparison sites such as Money Supermarket and Uswitch. This is an area so many of us don’t think about, we just blindly keep paying the same direct debit month after month. These days it doesn’t take much effort to change but it can save you hundreds of pounds.
  • Broadband services – another great way to save. Haggle with your current provider and in many cases, they will offer you a better tariff rather than lose your business altogether.
  • Use money back sites – TopCashback and Quidco are two examples whereby you can potentially earn hundreds of pounds cashback every year shopping through them online at over 4500 retailers.
  • Banks are always offering cash incentives to entice you to switch to them. As an example, Santander currently offers up to £125 if you open an account with them. Halifax does the same and offer up to £200. Visit Matin Lewis on his site MoneySavingExpert for more info (
  • Just by choosing to do your grocery shop at a cheaper store will save you a fortune. Iceland, Lidl, Aldi, B&M, Home Bargains all have shops in or close to Gosport.

Just give a couple of these ideas a try and the results could really surprise you.

Employment Opportunities

Gosport provides its residents with a wide variety of employment opportunities in the Marine, Aerospace, Heath & Care and Tourist industries.

A number of large companies in the area such as StandardAero/Vestor AeroSpace, Gosport’s Borough Council and the Portsmouth Naval Base are very major players in the local employment market.

A good number of residents choose to commute to Portsmouth for work.

One of the city’s largest employment sectors is tourism and leisure. It takes thousands of workers to keep the 1.2 million visitors (arriving annually in Portsmouth) happy.

Proactively encouraging economic growth locally and in surrounding areas, Gosport Council is currently in the midst of investing in several major business projects across the region.

These projects include focusing on providing funding grants and other financial incentives to long-established companies as well as looking forward to the future and investing in new business potential.

Gosport is having to up its game to keep ahead and currently, it is doing just that!

School supplies

Education in Gosport

Ensuring that your children are admitted into a good school is of the highest importance so its good to know that living in Gosport allows access to some top schools.

Out of the closest seven state primaries in the town, six have been rated as “good” following their latest inspections.

Alverstoke Community Infant School managed to land the most coveted honour of being rated as “outstanding” by Ofsted.

The “outstanding” secondary when living in Gosport is St Edmund’s Catholic School.

In fact, it is the only high school in the area to be awarded the high standard set by Ofsted, with several other secondary schools having been rated as “good”.

Amongst the best-regarded independents are Portsmouth High School, Mayville High School and the renowned Portsmouth Grammar School.

The nearest university is in Portsmouth.

An award-winning university, it offers students hundreds of undergraduate and graduate courses across a large range of different subjects.


Things to do

Gosport has a large range of attractions, ventures, events, and places to visit.

Enjoying the local attractions is certainly what most people like to do with their spare time, particularly those with children!

Gosport’s excellent location ensures you are within easy walking distance or a short car ride to some beautiful beaches.

There is ample opportunity to walk along the waterfront or explore the stunning Alver Valley.

The popular annual event, Festival of the Sea, attracts thousands of guests every year who are keen to soak up the music and fairs as well as watching around 1000 ships that take to the water.

History lovers are also well accommodated.

Portsmouth’s historical dockyard is a veritable treasure trove highlighting the importance of England’s naval past.

A visit to HMS Victory is a must. Incredibly interesting, it highlights the difficult conditions sailors endured whilst in battle and the day-to-day confines of life on the ship.

Nearby is the bustling Lee-on-the-Solent seafront.

The location has a children’s play area, skate park, seafront cafes and restaurants.

There are also plenty of places to get ice cream, an essential for a beach visit!

Set back from the beach is Gosport Leisure Park which offers swimming pools, a sports hall, a health & fitness studio, a 5-a-side football pitches as well as a soft play area.

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Are you thinking of living in Gosport?

Regardless of if you are moving for the excellent properties, great transport links or fantastic schooling options, living in Gosport is a perfect choice!

If you have made up your mind and are ready to move, we are here to help you get your new journey in Gosport underway.

Here at Curtiss & Sons Portsmouth, we are an experienced and professional removals company that has been helping people moving home since 1871.

If you need help and advice on moving your home or perhaps some questions about your house removals, you can get in touch with us on 023 9298 5830 and our friendly team is here to assist you with your enquiry.