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10 Helpful Home Moving Tips

Whether you are a seasoned mover or you are moving for the very first time, it is a notoriously hectic time even for the most seasoned movers.

If the stress of moving home is putting you off moving, you are not alone!

A recent poll shows that two-thirds of people voted moving to a new house top of their stress list.

There are so many different aspects to moving home, from the stress of packing your belongings to dealing with any problems that may arise.

With so many moving parts it is no wonder that things can sometimes go wrong.

However, there are several moving tips you can follow to help reduce stress and limit and issues.

In this article, we hope to help ensure your move runs smoothly.

We will discuss the 10 top moving tips to ensure you overcome the most common pitfalls.

Following these moving tips should help ensure you move is as effortless as possible!

Choosing a Removals Company

Choosing a good removals company is one of the most crucial aspects of any move.

Your chosen removals company will oversee and manage your move.

The team will be responsible for handling all your belongings, ensuring that are safely transported to your new home.

Choosing a professional removals company is vital because of the integral role they play in your move.

Most removal companies have years of practical experience and will be experts in packing, transporting, and handling your household items.

Conducting as much research into a number of companies is a crucial moving tip!

Be sure to evaluate customer reviews and compare the services that each company offers.

Accredited Companies

During your search for a removals company, you will most likely find that professional movers are accredited by the British Association of Removers (BAR).

The BAR inspects all of its members to confirm they maintain the highest standard of moving and customer service.

All removals companies with BAR membership have to follow the high standards that are established by the BAR, guaranteeing the utmost professionalism for your move.

Choosing a BAR accredited removals company will really take the stress out of moving!

Customers choosing a BAR member are given payment protection regardless of where you are moving.

The peace of mind and professionalism that comes with choosing a BAR member makes this one of the most important moving tips.

There is also a highly trained resolution team to assist if you have any issues whilst moving with a BAR member.

Accredited removals companies will give you some much-needed peace of mind when moving home.

Plan Your Move in Advance

Another of our most important moving tips is to book your removals firm in advance.

Ensuring you get a quote well before you move goes a long way to ensure you can complete your home move on the date you require.

Depending on when your house move is will determine how far in advance you need to book your removals company.

The summer months are the busiest time of year for removals companies, with August taking the crown as the busiest month of the year.

Removals firms are busier in these months as houses listed in the spring begin to finalise sales.

If you are planning on moving in August, it is advisable to schedule your move with a removals company around 3 months prior to your move.

For other months it is suggested to book at least 5 to 6 weeks before.

This will allow your chosen removals company to conduct a moving survey and give you an accurate price for your move.

Ensuring you plan your move ahead of time will reduce stress and is an important addition to our top 10 moving tips.

Plan Your Packing

One of the most important moving tips is to be prepared with your packing!

Regardless of if you have months or days to plan your move, planning your packing will always help to reduce the stress of moving home.

Whilst there is always a chance of leaving something behind, planning will help to reduce the likelihood of this happening.

There are several helpful steps you can follow when planning your packing.

Firstly, plan each room individually.

Packing your whole house can be daunting.

By breaking the task down room by room you can get a better grasp on what you need to pack.

Another helpful tip is to arrange storage boxes in advance.

Contact your chosen removals company to discuss the type and amount of boxes you need.

Having the correct boxes will ensure your items are securely packed, putting your mind at ease.

If you know you are moving in the near future, you can make the task easier by arranging which belongings you do not need before you move.

A thorough cleanout can make packing an effortless task.

If you have lots of belongings you no longer need perhaps consider donating them to charity.

You might be surprised by the number of items you no longer use!

Following these moving tips can go a long way to ensuring a smooth move.


Another of our top moving tips must be producing an inventory.

Creating a complete inventory of your belongings is imperative to be fully prepared for your upcoming move.

Keeping track of all your belongings is effortless when you have a comprehensive inventory!

If anything is lost while you pack, you can quickly refer to your inventory.

Removals companies offer this service if you simply do not have time to log all your belongings.

Enquire with your removals company to find out if they can make an inventory for your move.

If you have elected to use a removals company packing service it is important to get an inventory from them.


One of the most common pitfalls when moving to a new house is damaged furniture!

Using the right protective materials is essential when moving with furniture.

Delicate items including china and glassware need to be wrapped in specialist paper and stored in double-thickness cartons for added security.

Using made-to-measure wooden crates for antiques, glass and other fragile items is also advisable.

Furniture legs and edges should be protected against damage and scratches.

Bubble wrap or other comparable materials are ideal for the job.

Choosing a BAR registered company, such as Curtiss & Sons, will help to safeguard your belongings.

BAR accredited companies employ highly trained teams and will use quality packing materials to safeguard your belongings.

Make Sure Furniture Fits

There is nothing worse than arriving at your new home only to find out your furniture can’t fit through the door!

It is important to establish that your furniture and any other belongings can fit into your new property.

Whilst your chosen removals company is there to ensure you move successfully, it is your obligation to ensure everything fits.

Make sure you measure your furniture and new home to ensure there are no unwelcome problems.

Get in touch with the owners of the property, gathering accurate measurements.

You can use this information to plan where all your belongings will be placed.

This is undoubtedly one of the top moving tips to follow.

Cleaning Supplies

Whilst we are sure you will clean your old home before moving, not everyone does.

The stresses of moving often mean movers arrive at an unclean house!

This can really add to the pressures of moving, especially if you are not prepared for it.

Be sure to arrive at your new home with a range of cleaning products.

This way you will be able to get your home in ship-shape before you unpack.

If there are any belongings left behind, you can use your packing boxes to safely store them.

Contact Utility Companies

Moving home can cause some problems with utility companies.

Our top moving tips would not be complete without contacting these companies before you move.

Get in contact with your chosen gas, electric and broadband providers before you move.

Be sure to inform them of the date of your exchange so they can take the relevant steps.

Prior planning will help avoid paying for unnecessary bills and will guarantee your new home is ready to live in.

Confirming utilities are ready for your arrival is one of the most essential moving tips.


When moving home there are several items which you may need quick and easy access to.

Before you move make sure you put together a bag or box or essentials!

Gathering items which you know you will need either during or shortly after your move will reduce the stress of moving.

Moving essentials often include documents, medication, basic toiletries and a change of clothes.

Do not forget a kettle and tea!

By gathering all these essential items, there is no need to rummage through all of your belongings to find an important document.

This is a great tip that many people fail to follow!

Ready to Move?

Are you moving home?

Be sure to follow our 10 moving tips to ensure your move runs smoothly.

We know that following these tips is easy said than done!

Be sure to get in touch with one of our highly trained professionals and allow them to advise you on all the best moving tips.

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