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How Do You Choose A Moving Date?

Moving day is undoubtedly a big deal.

Not only is moving the climax of months of planning, but it is also the start of your life in a new home!

Whilst it should be obvious, choosing the correct moving date is an important part of moving.

There are a number of factors to consider when picking your moving date.

In this article, we hope to shine some light on these considerations.

By discussing them in-depth you should have a better understanding of the right date to move.

So, how do you choose a moving date?


Your allocated budget will have huge implications on your moving date.

The time of year and day of the week will depend on how much money you are willing to spend.

The priciest times for removals are understandably weekends, holidays, and the summer months.

If you are on a tighter budget schedule your move for a less popular weekday.

Where possible, avoiding moving during school holidays and the hectic summer month will save you money.

Keep your budget in mind when booking your moving date.

Your Availability

It can be easy to lose track of your obligations when moving house.

When you are choosing a moving date, be sure to remember what is going on in your life!

Whether you are starting a new job or have children that will attend school in your new area, keep these important things in mind.

Booking your moving date at the most convenient time for you is key!

Trying to fit your move in at an inconvenient time will make the experience very stressful.

It could also lead to costly delays should you need to reschedule or conduct multiple moves.

Removal Company

Whilst you should always consider your own availability first, removal companies will also dictate your moving date.

The availability of your removals company will determine when you are able to move.

Removal companies are particularly busy in the summer months as well as the weekends.

To ensure you get a slot on your required date be sure to plan in advance.

This is particularly poignant if you are moving during one of the busier periods.

Avoid booking your removals company at the last minute.

Whilst it may be possible to get a last-minute booking it not only rushes the process but could mean you choose a less than satisfactory company.

Best Time of the Day to Move

Once you have selected the time of year and day of the week for your move you will also have to consider what time of the day you want to move.

So, what is the best time of the day to move?

We suggest moving as early as possible.

By booking your removals for the morning you afford yourself more time.

Moving in the morning will allow you to take your time, enjoying some much-needed tea breaks!

Additionally, moving earlier means your move is less likely to be delayed by traffic, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

The Most Popular Day

Being so close to the weekend makes Friday the most popular day to move house.

You can read another of our articles about moving on Friday here.

There are three key elements that make Friday moves the most popular.

Firstly, is the convenience of moving on a Friday.

Moving on a Friday means you only must take one day off of work.

Choosing Friday for your move allows for a good balance of work and life, taking only one day away from your work.

The second factor is the proximity to the weekend.

Moving on a Friday gives you ample time to settle into your new home over the weekend.

Rather than take a prolonged period off from work, many choose Friday to optimise their time.

This way you are afforded an extra two days to unpack and organise your new home.

Another consideration is the house chain.

The popularity of Friday moves ensures there are far fewer disturbances to the chain.

This will ensure your move runs smoothly with few problems.

Midweek Moves

If you are able to move midweek it is certainly worth considering.

The popularity of moving on Fridays means that prices are higher, booking slots are filled in advance and traffic can cause issues.

Therefore, moving midweek is a great option where possible.

Midweek moves are in much lower demand.

This is ideal for those who are able to complete a mid-week move.

Removal companies will have far more time to spend on your move.

Less demand also means lower costs and more flexibility.

Whilst you may have to take more time off work, moving midweek has many of its own benefits.

Choose Curtiss & Sons as Your Removal Company

So, you have chosen the best moving date for you, what is next?

It is time to choose the ideal removals company!

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