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12 Best Moving Tips For Long Distance Removals

Are you seeking some of the best moving tips?

You sold your house and have to travel a long distance for your new home. You have already planned what you going to be doing to the new house. Which walls need to be broken down, what colour to paint the walls and so on.

But wait …

The excitement lasts for a moment before you realize you have to remove all your precious belongings over a long distance into the new house!

Which removal companies do you consider? Will your stuff be safe? How much can you trust the removal company? How much do they charge?

All these questions run through your head.

Take a deep breath and allow us to give you the only removal checklist you will ever need for a long-distance removal.

Long Distance Move

Preparing For The Long-Distance Move

As this is a long-distance move, we want to make sure everything is in place in the best way that we can.

Plan Like You Have Never Planned Before

The moment you know the date when you are moving, you need to make a comprehensive plan where you take everything into account. The slightest lapse of concentration will lead to many of your belongings either going missing or being misplaced.

Even if it is not in your nature to plan, this is one time you must. By doing so you will make the difficult task of moving a lot easier.

Consider Many Removal Companies And Do Your Research

Weighing up the options for different House removal companies is an important decision since you’re packing up your entire life to start a new one. The main and obvious point is the budget.

List companies that are within your price range will give you the upper hand to place that surplus cash into something important.

Ask questions such as:

What are the benefits of each company, the travelling cost per mile, will there be an insurance fee, and what is the cost per item? How long will the move take compared to each company?

Once you have the basic information, it’s much easier to make your decision about which removal company to choose. It’s easy to pick the wrong company, and you need to do everything necessary to protect yourself.

Moving Insurance Is A Must

Check with your agent if your moving insurance covers most of your more expensive items. If it doesn’t, then consider upgrading your plan to cover more of your goods. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Hire A Trustworthy Removal Company

Don’t automatically choose the cheapest quote! Choosing a respectable moving company could well save you money in the long run. After all, they are going to be in charge of making sure all your goods get to your new home safely.

Do some research and look at online reviews, and choose one that is known for its safety and trustworthiness. Look for any guarantees they might offer. Using a removal company that is BAR members (British Association of Removers) will ensure a high standard of service and a more pleasant moving experience.

Make Sure Your New Essentials Are Sorted

It is important to research essential services in your area. By essentials, I’m talking about doctors, schools, your address for your mail, utilities like water, electricity, broadband and so on.

It is important to get these kinds of things sorted beforehand and not when you arrive because some of these processes can take weeks to sort out. This will save you a lot of frustration and make things much smoother.

Organise Your Move

Best Ways To Pack And Organize

Create An Inventory For Your Items

Start by listing all the items you have. This might take a while but make sure you get most of your belongings onto a list so you know what you have to tick off when you arrive at your new home. This is important if you want to check that all your belongings have arrived as they should have.

Pack Your Unnecessary Goods Away

One of the easiest ways is to pack your non-essential items in a box. Take out only your essentials that you will need to use every day.

Take This Chance To Get Rid Of  Your Old Items

This is one of our moving tips that may not seem obvious at first!

Everyone has goods they hoard. Some sentimental reason that you made up 10 years ago convinced you to keep it, even though you have never touched it since. This is the perfect opportunity to get rid of everything you do not need to use.

  • Everything from old clothes to that old lawnmower.
  • Give it to charity, give it to a neighbour. Sell it.
  • This will make moving everything easier and cheaper.

Organise Your Belongings

Organising your items is one of the most important moving tips!

This one is self-explanatory but so important. When you have moved into your new house, the last thing you want to be worried about is where your clothes are.

Pack and sort everything into their specific boxes with labels on them. Write in big permanent ink what that box is for. Write the person’s name on as well so they know whose box it is and which room it should go in.

Consider Hiring Packing Professionals

If you have a bigger budget and you don’t want to spend months stressing out on what goes where then consider hiring professional packers, however as with everything in life, this comes at a cost.

They are trained to pack in the safest possible way so, for some, this can be a necessary expense. They will bubble wrap your fragile belongings in a very safe manner to ensure everything gets there as intended.

This is certainly one of the best moving tips to follow!

Moving Day

Let’s Get Moving

Choose The Best Time To Move

Another one of our top moving tips has to be choosing a good time to move!

For some people, moving in the summer is seen as the perfect time because of the lovely weather. If you are on a tight budget, then consider moving in the off-season where prices are not as high.

Sometimes, you are hit with a deadline you have to meet. If that’s the case then choose to move in the middle of a week or month as this will save you some money too.

Check Your Belongings Before Your Movers Leave

Remember that inventory list I told you about earlier? Well, now is the time to check that every single valuable belonging has made the trip. Check and make sure you have everything. As soon as the movers leave, they are not responsible for anything that may have been lost on the way.

Curtiss Removals Van

Final Word on Moving Tips – Show Some Appreciation To Your Movers

We hope these 12 moving tips have helped you!

If your movers did a good job, then show them how much you appreciate the care they put towards getting your goods safe and on time. This will bode well, particularly if you do indeed need help later down the line.

We hope this will make moving less stressful. It can be a tough task but if you follow this basic checklist, you have the best chance of a relatively stress-free experience.

If you are planning to move soon and would like to find out more about our cost and services, please contact us on 023 9298 5830. Our removal team is always happy to help. We offer a free no-obligation quote, and an online video survey is available to you if you prefer to have one.