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Why You Should Use a BAR Removals Company for Your Move

Moving house can be stressful, especially if you choose the wrong removals company.

Delays, untrained staff, and uninsured movers can lead to spiralling costs and a nightmare experience.

That’s why selecting a company registered with the British Association of Removers (BAR) is crucial.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government recommends checking for BAR registration before considering other factors.

BAR members adhere to strict standards, ensuring quality service, professional staff, proper insurance, and more.

What is the BAR?

The British Association of Removers (BAR) has been the industry’s trusted voice for over a century and is the only removal and storage organization recognised by Trading Standards.

BAR ensures high standards by reviewing practices, ensuring proper employee training, maintaining premises, and offering valuable services to home movers.

Members voluntarily adhere to the BAR Code of Practice, facing disciplinary actions for non-compliance.

From small family businesses to major international movers, all members undergo annual audits and inspections to meet these industry standards.

Keep in mind that membership in a trade organisation is not legally required for a removal or storage company in the UK, but there are a number of benefits to choosing a BAR member, as you are about to see.

Why Choose a BAR Registered Company?

There are a number of great benefits that you will get when choosing a BAR member to conduct your house move.

Here’s a quick look at four of the top reasons to pick a removals company who are BAR-registered:

  1. Quality Service: BAR members are trained to handle and protect your belongings, offering clear communication and free advice.
  2. Packing Materials and Methods: Only the best quality materials and environmentally friendly practices are used.
  3. Specialised Vehicles: Vehicles comply with transport legislation and are equipped for all removal needs.
  4. Insurance Cover: Standard insurance against loss or damage, with additional options available.

When Things Go Wrong

At Curtiss Moving & Storage, we understand that mistakes can happen, sometimes beyond our control.

However, as a BAR member, we are committed to minimising disruptions to your move.

Choosing a BAR-registered company ensures you receive professional assistance if issues arise.

Our membership guarantees payment protection and a fixed moving date through the BAR Advanced Payment Guarantee (APG).

This ensures your upfront payments are safeguarded, and you are reimbursed in case of cancellation.

Additionally, BAR members offer an independent complaints-handling process via the Furniture Ombudsman, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

How to Check for BAR Membership

Look for the BAR badge on the company’s website, marketing materials, staff uniforms, and vehicles.

Businesses like Curtiss Moving & Storage show that we are registered members by displaying the BAR logo across our website.

You can also head over to the BAR website and use their handy search feature to quickly see if a company is a member.

Other Accredited Bodies to be Aware of

Several accredited bodies help safeguard your move, each offering services similar to BAR with its own Code of Conduct.

FIDI – The global alliance of quality-certified international movers, setting top standards for international relocations.

FAIM – Works with FIDI to maintain high-quality standards for global moving and relocation services.

NGRS – An independent body that monitors quality for removals and storage companies in the UK.

OMNI – A network of professional independent companies offering complete international relocation services.

IAM – Represents over 2,000 companies worldwide, specialising in moving, shipping, logistics, and related services.

Why Curtiss Moving & Storage?

A Portsmouth removals company truck moving home
The Best Removals Company in Portsmouth

Curtiss Moving & Storage, based in Portsmouth, is a proud BAR registered company.

We have been providing top-quality, affordable removal services in Portsmouth for years, ensuring our customers enjoy a smooth, stress-free move.

We offer flexible storage solutions and packing services, with special discounts for local health and armed services workers.

Our customers consistently praise our dedication and professionalism, reflected in our high ratings and positive testimonials.

To learn more or to schedule a FREE home survey, contact us today or fill out a no-obligation quote form.

Choose Curtiss Moving & Storage for your next move and experience the peace of mind that comes with hiring a trusted BAR-registered removals company.