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Living in Petworth – Great Reasons to Move Here in 2022

Are you considering living in Petworth in 2022?

This charming area of West Sussex has so much to offer to a variety of different buyers.

It is a particularly popular spot with both tourists and buyers.

In this article, we will cover some of the main reasons that people are choosing to start living in Petworth.

Moving to a new area, town or city is never simple!

It is often made more of a challenge when you do not know a lot about the area you are thinking of moving to.

If you have decided to start living in Petworth, then you are in the right place!

As with relocating to any area, there are various things to consider when thinking of living in Petworth

We are aware that the moving process can sometimes seem very daunting!

If you are thinking of living in Petworth in 2022, we are here to assist you as best we can.

In this blog, we will attempt to provide you with a better understanding of what living in Petworth is like.

Creating a better understanding of what you can expect when living in Petworth will surly help with your decision to make the move.

Here are some great reasons to start living in Petworth in 2022


Petworth. United Kingdom

House Prices in Petworth

Most of us aspire to own our own piece of real estate eventually and it is a bonus if you managed to bag a home in a town such as Petworth.

Yes, the town is a beautiful place to reside in, but the major drawback, however, is its property prices.

The current average asking price is a staggering £681,574!

Over double the UK national average.

Having been named several times as the “best place to live” in the Southeast, (an understandable accolade), has resulted in demand well-outstripping supply and pushing values up ever further, well out of reach of many.

Even the cheapest home starts from £299,950 unless you go down the part buy part own route.

A semi-detached house will set you back around £555,834 whilst detached properties are sitting at an average of £1,261,147.

Petworth’s prime retail area sits in the middle of town where many of its listed homes are located.

A Grade II listed home is for sale currently with a guide price of £500,000.

Cost of Living in Petworth

The cost of living in the UK varies considerably by regions, but it will come as no surprise that those who already reside in this affluent town face a relatively high cost of living.

It is not just Petworth who is suffering from the rising cost of living though, the whole of the UK is facing bigger food and energy bills as well as increases in transportation costs.

According to NimbleFins, the average UK household spends £588 per week on basic living expenses.

So, what can we do to save money when living in Petworth?

Here are a few practical ideas that may help you reduce your monthly spending:

  • Knowing where you spend is crucial to know where you can best save – do a financial plan listing absolutely every outgoing you have.
  • Switch utility providers – this can sometimes cut hundreds of pounds off our monthly budget in one swoop.
  • If you enjoy eating out, look for cheaper alternatives. Drink during “happy hour” many popular pubs and clubs offer this perk or simply eat at home more often.
  • Apply the 30-day rule – That is if you want something wait 30 days before you purchase. Many of us waste money on impulse buying.
  • Transfer any credit card debt to a 0% interest account. There are plenty available online.
  • Shop only for what you need – bulk buying can save sometimes but in the long run its cheaper to buy what you need, then there is no wastage.

These are just some simple ideas to get you started. The wonderful thing is once you have got yourself in the budgeting mindset, you start to view your hard-earned cash in a different light seeing deals where you wouldn’t have noticed them before!

Cost of living in Petworth

The Best Schools in Petworth

If you are considering living in Petworth in 2022 with children or are considering starting a family in the future, this is the section for you!

Making sure there are plenty of schooling choices is a particularly important aspect of selecting a new home.

Regardless of where you are thinking of moving to, it is important to research some of the areas best schools!

Luckily, living in Petworth ensures your children will have entry to a choice of good schools!

The local primary school for those living in Petworth is Petworth Primary C of E which was considered as ‘good by Ofsted at its most recent review.

Whilst students will have to travel a little further afield for secondary school education, there are a number of good institutions in the surrounding area.

Clearly, living in Petworth is a good choice for those with a family!

If you are making the move to the area your children are almost certainly going to receive a good level of education.

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Are you thinking of living in Petworth?

Regardless of if you are moving for the beautiful houses or the great everyday costs, living in Petworth is an excellent choice!

If you have made up your mind and are ready to move, we are here to help you get your new journey in Petworth underway.

Here at Curtiss & Sons Portsmouth, we are an experienced and professional removals company that has been helping people moving home since 1871.

If you need help and advice on moving your home or perhaps some questions about your house removals, you can get in touch with us on 023 9298 5830 and our friendly team is here to assist you with your enquiry.