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Living in Fareham – 8 Amazing Reasons to Move Here

Are you thinking of living in Fareham?

Moving to a new town or city is never an easy task.

It is sometimes made harder when you do not know a lot about the region you are moving to.

If you have decided to move to Fareham in the near future then you are in the right place!

Like moving to any new location, there are various things you should consider when thinking of relocating to Fareham.

We know that the whole relocating process can be remarkably daunting!

If you are thinking of moving to Fareham, we are here to help.

In this blog, we hope to provide you with a better understanding of what Fareham is like for those living there.

Having a well-informed understanding of what you can expect when living in any new area will certainly aid your decision to make the move.

Here are 8 great reasons to start living in Fareham!

House Prices

House prices growth concept
House prices growth concept. Image credit: Depositphotos

The Fareham area covers a multitude of really sought-after property locations.

Among some of the most desirable are homes located in Old Fareham, Wickham, Portchester, Titchfield and the still expanding Whiteley development.

The average cost to purchase a property in Fareham currently sits at  £326,803.

The great thing about buying in Fareham is that you have countryside, urban and waterside properties to choose from.

Old Fareham has a selection of stunning listed homes which are ideally placed just a short walk from the town centre.

Families are also attracted to Whiteley specifically because it is safe, convenient (right on the main M27 motorway), and has excellent amenities and schools.

Wickham sits amid an attractive rural area close to the South Downs National Park, one of the most expensive areas with an average cost of a home reaching £518,720.

For those considering moving to the Fareham area, there are a range of different property types available.

When it comes to detached properties, buyers can expect to pay an average of £474,596.

Semi-detached properties are significantly cheaper at £351,459, with terraced properties averaging at £300,691.

The cheapest option for buyers is flats which have an average sold price of £158,918.

Cost of Renting

For rent sign
For rent sign. Image credit: Unsplash

As the cost of buying a home increases year after year it has become a real problem for people to get onto the property ladder for the first time.

This has resulted in ever more of the population opting to rent a home rather than own one.

The Government has introduced a swathe of initiatives such as “part buy/shared ownership” schemes to assist but still purchasing is not always easy.

Like purchasing a home in Fareham, those who intend to lease a home will find a great range of homes available to them.

Although the current average cost to rent a home in Fareham seems high at £1,382 per month, there are plenty of much cheaper options available.

There are currently 13 properties available between £500-£1000.

Be sure to check out for all of the most up-to-date rental statistics.

Cost of Living

Cost of Living in Fareham
Calculating the cost of living. Image credit: Depositphotos

The impact of cost of living affects everyone and it is something that is always on the rise.

Basics such as housing, food, clothing, utilities and vehicle running costs are things most of us have to ensure we can cover.

However, even when times are tough, there are always ways to cut back a little.

According to Numbeo, the cost-of-living comparison website, those residing in Fareham spend less in many everyday areas when compared to their larger city neighbours Southampton and Portsmouth.

Having fun with the family in the Fareham area without having to spend a fortune is made that much easier with plenty of free attractions nearby such as Titchfield Abbey, Holly Hill Woodland Park, Hill Head Beach and Westbury Manor Museum.

Just a little planning and a few clever ideas make all the difference when you are budgeting your monthly outgoings.

Schools in Fareham

A range of back-to-school supplies. Image credit: Depositphotos

Fareham offers locals an excellent choice of schools.

This top-quality selection runs all the way from primary school age up to college and sixth form level.

For Primary school students, Harrison Primary and Redlands Primary are two ‘outstanding’ institutions!

Other good options include Uplands Primary, St Jude’s Catholic Primary, Orchard Lea Junior, Northern Junior and Ranvilles Junior are ‘good’.

One of the top schools in the area is Fareham College.

In its most recent Ofsted report, the school was rated as ‘outstanding’, the highest level possible!

For secondary school students, Cams Hill College is another ‘outstanding’ achiever.

Crofton School, Fareham Academy, Henry Cort Community College and Portchester Community School are rated as ‘good’.

For those thinking of moving to Fareham, excellent education provisions is not a concern.

Rail Connections

Fareham Station
Fareham Station. Image credit: Wikipedia

The town centre is home to the Fareham railway station, which offers services to a number of locations.

It is a significant station on the South Western Railway system that links Fareham with major cities like Southampton, Portsmouth, and London via London Waterloo.

For individuals who want to travel even further afield, the station offers direct trains to Bristol, Cardiff, and other locations in Wales.

Given that it takes an average of 1 hour and 47 minutes to go by rail from Fareham to London Waterloo, the area is a good commuter location for those who work in the capital.

There are also an average of 54 trains that run throughout the day, so you can easily plan your journey according to your schedule.

Road Connections

Fareham is conveniently located near the M27 motorway, which provides easy access to major cities like Southampton, Portsmouth, and London.

The M27 also connects to the M3 motorway, which provides access to destinations like Basingstoke, Winchester, and London Heathrow Airport.

In addition to the motorways, there are several major roads that run through Fareham.

The A27 runs through the town centre and connects to several other major roads, including the A32, A3, and M275.

This substantial local network provides easy access to nearby areas like Southampton, Portsmouth, and the Isle of Wight.

Local Transport

If you’re looking to travel within Fareham itself, then there are several local transport options available.

The town has an extensive bus network, with services running throughout the day and into the evening.

There are also several taxi companies operating in the area, providing a convenient and reliable way to get around.

Clearly, Fareham offers locals a range of excellent ways to get around!

Things to do in Fareham

The Lake at Holly Hill Woodland Park
The Lake at Holly Hill Woodland Park. Image credit: Wikipedia

Moving to Fareham offers locals plenty of past times and fun activities!

Starting in 1999, Fareham saw an influx in investment.

This in turn saw the town undergo a massive rejuvenation.

One major part of this project was the construction of the shopping complex.

Still one of the key employers in the region, the shopping centre offers residents an excellent choice of retail options.

Stores include Next, New Look, The Body Shop and Debenhams.

The Fareham Shopping Centre is sure to be a favourite spot when moving to the area.

There are also some excellent days out and attractions to explore when in Fareham.

Holly Hill Woodland Park is one of the best green spaces to explore when living in Fareham.

The park has hours of quaint walks to discover leading all the way down to the River Hamble.

Be sure to check out some more excellent choices of the days out in the area on TripAdvisor!

Ready to Start Living in Fareham?

Curtiss Moving Truck
Curtiss Moving Truck

Are you thinking of living in Fareham?

Regardless of if you are moving for the outstanding range of properties, top-quality schooling options or the cheaper everyday costs, living in Fareham is a great choice!

If you have made up your mind and are ready to move, we are here to help you get your new journey in Fareham underway.

Here at Curtiss & Sons Portsmouth, we are an experienced and professional removals company that has been helping people moving home since 1871.

If you need help and advice on moving your home or perhaps some questions about your house removals, you can get in touch with us on 023 9298 5830 and our friendly team is here to assist you with your enquiry.