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8 Top Tips for Choosing a Removals Company

Are you currently choosing a removals company?

If you’ve ever tried to move home yourself, you will be aware of just how tough it can be.

Every year thousands of people in the UK miscalculate the time it takes packing and moving belongings, not to mention the burden of moving heavy furniture.

Many house movers search for cheaper van hire or even ‘Man in the Van’ alternatives.

It is common to run into problems with these services which can be ineffective or may not include something taken as a staple in the removals industry.

When it comes to moving it is key to choose the correct removals company for you.

With so many companies to choose from, each offering different services, it can become tricky to choose!

That’s why we have accumulated our top tips to follow when choosing a removals company.

These include everything to consider when choosing a removals company, any precautions you may need to take as well as how to get a detailed removals quote.

Free Survey

Removals Company Survey
Does your Removals Company offer a free survey. Image credit: Depositphotos

Your first point of action when choosing a removals company should be to organise for a surveyor to provide a home or video survey.

This provides you with the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about their services.

It also means the surveyor can assess any specific considerations.

These may range from the type of access to the property to any heavy or unusual items that could require special attention.

It is important to consider that many removal companies are booked up weeks in advance, especially during the summer months. It is best to start looking for a removals company well before your completion date.

Your removals company should conduct the survey free of charge. Typically, a surveyor will either personally or via video walk around each room calculating the number of packaging materials required and the resources needed. Removal costs are usually based on the ‘total volume of effects’ so be honest about your possessions.


Before you even inquire about any services they provide, you must assess whether the removals company is dependable.

An easy way to do this is to see whether the company is a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR).

The BAR conducts regular audits and ensures removals companies adhere to strict standards and regulations to maintain membership.

Not only will they be more experienced, but should something wrong, BAR members will offer dispute resolution procedures in place to resolve complaints.

The logos for each of these organisations will be clearly on display on the company website, usually on the home page.

What moving services do they offer?

Removals Company Services
Ask your removals company about what services they offer. Image credit: Unsplash

Once you’ve gathered the basic costs of your move, it is a good idea to begin inquiring about any supplementary services you may need.

For example, do you require an unpacking or cleaning service?

Perhaps you require storage facilities so that you can arrange to have some of your belongings delivered at a later stage.

Whatever your needs are, be sure to clarify this when you speak to the company.

Otherwise, something you thought was included might not be.

This could mean extra costs or worse yet, the company could have inadequate time and resources on the day of your move!

Check Customers Reviews

Removals Company Reviews
Check your Removals Company’s Reviews. Image credit: Pixabay

When choosing the company for your move it is always a good idea to check out customer reviews!

Reading feedback from other customers is one of the best ways to find out how the company operate.

There is nothing more reassuring than choosing a removals company will plenty of positive reviews!

Websites like Referenceline are an excellent choice to view customer feedback,

You may also want to consider checking out the company’s reviews on Google. 

Be sure to always leave your own feedback after your move!

Your experience will provide a great insight to others who are still deciding who to move with.


Once you have got a few quotations it is now time to choose the removals company you wish to go with.

It is sometimes alluring to go with the most affordable option, but this is not always the best thing to do.

Remember, if a company does not offer a service which you need this may push up the price.

Try to get a few separate quotations.

Organising a survey with at least three separate removals companies will allow you to examine the different prices, but it also allows you to make an assessment of the company’s level of service.

When coming to a decision ask yourself some basic questions:

  • How involved are they in the details of my move?
  • What questions were they asking me?
  • Did they seem knowledgeable?
  • Did they give me a timeframe?
  • Can they conduct specific tasks such as moving or packing valuable or heavy belongings?
  • What have their customers said about them?

When carrying out your research on different removals companies it is fitting to see what other people have said about them.

Ask About Insurance

Removals Company Insurance
Ask about Removals Company Insurance. Image credit: Pixabay

Know where you stand should things go wrong and enquire about insurance.

Most removals companies operate a standard removals insurance and offer cover per item. It is always worth checking what you are covered for in the event of damage/loss and if need be, take out additional cover, either with the company or a separate provider.

Checking that your chosen removals company has adequate insurance coverage will give you that additional peace of mind that your property is safe and secure in their hands.

Ask About Payment

GBP Note
Ask your company about their payment options. Image credit: Unsplash

Determine how the company would like to be paid for their services.

It is always a good idea to be be wary of companies that require only cash-in-hand or ask for a substantial cash deposit.

Reputable moving companies like Curtiss Moving & Storage should be able to accept credit/debit card payments, as well as checks and cash!

Do They Wear a Uniform?

This may seem like a strange addition to our list.

However, uniformed staff are a great indication of a professional company!

You will also have the added benefit of knowing and identifying exactly who will be conducting your move.

Whilst this is a small point, it is nevertheless a great sign of a top quality removals company!

Are You Still Choosing a Removals Company?

Curtiss removals new blue van
Curtiss Moving & Storage Van

Hopefully, our top tips have shed some light on the process of choosing a removals company.

Regardless of your reasons for choosing to use a removal company for your move, Curtiss & Sons can help make your move effortless.

Curtiss Moving & Storage was established in 1871 and has been holders of the Royal Warrant for over 80 years!

We continue to offer quality removals and storage solutions to the Portsmouth community to this day.

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