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Packaging Solutions

Curtiss & Sons have experienced and professionally trained staff to provide packaging solutions for your move. Using a modern range of environmentally friendly, purpose-made packing materials, our team will pack all of your possessions ready for moving. This will reduce the burden on your family significantly during your removal. Remember we also have modern storage facilities in the event of a delay in your move.

Each move is unique. Curtiss & Sons have moved, stored and shipped to all parts of the UK, Europe and other parts of the world. When shipping to other countries it is important to understand the local customs and regulations. Some items such as vehicles can attract large amounts of import duty, the local tax. This may be based upon how much you paid for the item or an estimate of duty which will be decided by the customs official after the items have landed.

The condition in which an item is shipped is also important. Golf clubs may have to be steam cleaned to remove any trace of soil. Vehicles may have to be drained of all fluids, which can only be put back after leaving the docks. This will incur the costs of a mechanic to top up the oil, water etc. But do not be put off by these regulations, Curtiss & Sons are experienced in such moves and will explain the options to you as part of our packaging solutions.

China and glassware are wrapped in special paper and then packed in double-thickness cartons; furniture can be wrapped in bubble blanket for extra protection; and items requiring specialist care, such as antiques, can be packed in made-to-measure wooden crates.

Included in our packaging solutions is our unpacking service to unpack your belongings onto flat surfaces and dispose of all packing materials.

Curtiss and Sons packaging solutions is all part of our professional removals, storage and packing service, serving the Portsmouth area for over 170 years.

If your moving away from Portsmouth, our removals network also encompasses 16 storage facilities countrywide enabling us to easily move you anywhere in the UK. Curtiss & Sons are members of the British Association of Removers

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