Moving home and Storing furniture.

The modern guide to Moving home and Storing furniture.

As an example of the traumas that moving home and storing furniture can bring, my wife’s sister recently moved from Portsmouth and kindly shared her thoughts on the moving experience and choosing a removals company.

“Both my children had completed their university education and had been very lucky to find employment once they had graduated. However, this did involve moves to different parts of the country.

“Whilst I work part time, the family home began to feel empty and both my husband Sam and I felt we were rattling around in a property that no longer fitted our needs. We’ve been living in Portsmouth since we first married and we both love the city but we were beginning to feel that maybe now with retirement in sight we should consider moving to one of the beautiful villages surrounding Portsmouth.

“A friend suggested we look at Wickham, which Sam liked very much, it had a good selection of shops and restaurants and a real village feel. I much preferred Knowle Village and we went to look at some possible two-bedroom apartments there but again none were quite right.   We had a fantastic lunch in Arty’s Wine Bar & Restaurant, Sam ordered some Pizza and I had a lovely roasted vegetable dish and we discussed how we needed to clear the house and look at possible removal companies.

“Sam was all for the man and a van option; much cheaper, he said. I’d spoken with friends who had gone this way, but really they had not been happy and anyway, although we were scaling down, we had just too much to move. A few years ago my parents died and we had inherited some art, and nice pieces of furniture and I felt these needed to be handled with care by someone who had the experience of moving precious things, was BAR registered and most importantly had insurance.

“We were onto the coffee and still arguing about how we should arrange it, when I stumbled on a spot of genius. I told Sam he could be in charge of arranging the removals provided he packed all our crystal, china and breakables himself! It took all of five minutes before he decided it was best if we instructed someone who could do this for us! I didn’t object one bit! I can remember how stressful it was last time we moved.

“Anyway, the months moved on and we still hadn’t found anywhere to live. We tried various different towns and villages, I fell in love with Wickham with it’s 15th century cottages, beautiful Georgian houses and the stylish medieval square but the places we liked initially always seemed to be slightly above our budget and again, tempers began to fray.

“Sam liked Petersfield and Denmead but I wasn’t so sure. We were both wondering if we’d ever find anything when the estate agent contacted us and said the perfect two-bedroom apartment had just gone on the market in Wickham. We rushed over and I found I liked the location much more than on my first visit and the property did tick all the right boxes. From that moment things moved ahead much quicker than we expected and we were comfortably settled in our new apartment just ten weeks from when our offer was accepted!

“My husband was as good as his word and as I knew a local removals company based in Portsmouth, Sam booked them immediately. Curtiss and Sons dealt with all the packing in a timely and professional manner and made our moving day a joy rather than the odious task we felt it could have been.

“Having moved from a sizeable 4 bedroom house to a two bedroom apartment, I had that age old problem of not enough storage space to put all my cherished personal possessions. The problem was easily solved though as Curtiss and Sons offered a storage solution with premises available only 3 miles away.

“Everyone was so friendly, efficient and professional. I can’t say I want to move again in the near future but I’ve learnt a lot on our long journey to Wickham.”

As a local removal service based in Portsmouth and holders of the Royal Seal for over 80 years, we continue to provide a quality removals service to the Portsmouth community today. Curtiss & Sons are members of BAR, the British Association of Removers

If you are moving away from Portsmouth, our removals network encompasses 16 storage facilities countrywide enabling us to easily move you anywhere in the UK. To request a home visit survey and quotation call o2392 985 830